The album has its genesis in 2017, when after the club night MTL Pachangón would end, a large crowd would end up in Oonga’s kitchen, talking, singing and laughing until early in the morning. These parties were punctuated by beatmaking, rap cyphers and jam sessions, and happened in English, French and Spanish. Often featuring some of the most respected musicians in the Montreal scene, this multilingual, multicultural and multigenre type of party spawned the idea of MTL Sauce Piquante. 

Bringing in a kitchen-party-at-2-am-banging-pots and-pans attitude to the sound, the music includes mixtures of urban music and ska, tropical bass and samba punk, calypso funk rock and dembow punk, with themes of feminine empowerment, celebrating immigrant experiences, personal and political struggles for freedom, protecting mental health, and finding power in community.

The 10 tracks of the album started out as beats, raw experiments made in Oonga’s home studio aka his living room. In early 2023, the government decided that these experiments were worth supporting, allocating some funding to record a full album, and now, the time has come to unveil it and let the whole world know what’s happening in Montreal. 




Lead vocalists include up and coming trilingual rapper and singer Maï, Brazilian friends and scene heroes Bianca Rocha and Diogo Ramos, Mexican urbano artist Gioco, the well-known Colombian electropicalista Ramon Chicharron, respected Salvadoran MC Chellz, Mexican dub punk queen Ultra K, Peruvian rumba princess Elo Sono, the wild card rappa turnt sanga KC aka Mighty Sampson, hypnotizing songstress Ansoara, and punk rock luchador Eskeleto

The musicians include trombonist Etienne Lebel (Teke::Teke, Kutsi Merki), guitarist Javier Maldonado (every latin band in town), keys and bass player Ons Barnat (Dub Permanence), trumpet player Rémi Cormier (Vox Sambou, The Liquor Store), guitarist Adam Goulet (Akawui, Los Anormales), guitarist André Galamba (every Brazilian artist in town), amazing DJ and pianist Parker Mah, and sax player Cauê Vieira Pinto

The album was produced and directed by Oonga, who has produced music for Ramon Chicharron, Kizaba, and Afrotronix, assisted on the production of records by Djely Tapa, The Garifuna Collective and Calyspo Rose, and released music with labels like Shika Shika, Moonshine, Cosmovision, and Stonetree Records.